Carrie's Advertising Debut

Carrie is to star in Purina's new website, watch her video debut at:



Tilly Qualifies for Crufts


In her first show, aged just six months, at LKA, Tilly came 2nd in minor Puppy Bitch and therefore qualifies for Crufts. Jade (Desalazara Vanilla Orchid) just missed out finishing VHC in the same class.


Carrie did us proud taking Open Bitch and winning the Bitch CC



Carrie Writes...


Well I've been waiting and waiting for Trinny to write another blog but she is too busy enjoying the good-life, being spoilt rotten, plenty of food, exercise and then relaxation on the sofa... and not even a show to get herself ready... she's made the most of being a Mum!

So, I'll have to tell you the news.


It seems I have become the adopted Mum for Tilly, she follows me around everywhere and I'm having to teach her the rights and wrongs, and then while Trinny is relaxing I'm having to get ready for shows and my new modelling career!


Even though I say it my self, I'm doing a first class job of it all! I won Best of Breed at Richmond and then spent a whole day on location being filmed and photographed for a new international advertising campaign. Who says a Pyrenean can't be trained, I performed as required all day, repeating moves for the cameraman so he could get everything just right.


The highlight of the day was meeting Ellie the star of Downton Abbey, a very down to earth Labrador. Can't wait to see the results on screen and in print.

Trinny's Puppy Blogs


No. 5

Six weeks ago today and I had nine newborn all around me, now they are all too busy playing with each other! They don't appreciate my milk now, they'd rather get their noses in a bowl of puppy food. Still, I've passed on the task of clearing up after them and they really do make a mess now, walking all through it if they get a chance!


Must say I'm still a big girl at the moment, but can't wait till I get my figure back, all this dripping milk is not nice. I didn't think I could lose so much of my coat...all skin and bones!!!


It is good to see some very nice people coming to see my pups, I don't know how I'm going to cope saying goodbye to them, that's why I make sure I check the visitors out very carefully to make sure my boys and girls will be happy with them!


Time for my beauty sleep now, I'm getting as much as I can now that I've been re-leaved of puppy duties...I've got some catching up to do in the show ring!


Time to hit the sofa! (no kennel for me!) Good night!


No. 4

Well, if I say so myself, my milk must be good, for these pups of mine are growing fast. They give me a good 'work over' at meal times, it is a wonder I'm not black and blue.


I was very upset when they gave all the youngsters a pedicure, after all I am their show girl! It was at the next feed time that I realised why they had cut the nails, ah! the bliss no more long sharp nails to scratch my delicate skin! Thank you Hannah!


I'm starting to look at the girls and boys now that their eyes are opening, to see who is going to look most like me. I'm sure it's not going to be long before they are walking, I'll have my work cut out then keeping control...some of them are answering me back already!


Duty calls again, they all want feeding so I'll just go and lay down and let them get on with it...the joys of motherhood!


No. 3

So, that's it...I'm a Mum to nine hungry demanding pups, three boys and six girls!


I really don't understand what all the fuss was about, the first one surprised me, but I soon worked out what to do, then I just laid down and let it all happen. One or two got a bit messy, I'm not sure I really liked my lovely show coat getting stained, but it was all in a days work, well half a day really, in just over three hours I was finished and able to concentrate on the serious matter of feeding and cleaning and feeding and cleaning and the odd nap. I must say my tongue is getting a good work out but I don't know if all this laying around is going to get my figure back. I hope so, I can't be out of the Show Ring for too long, letting the young upstart Carrie steal all the limelight!


I really don't know what Hannah makes all the fuss about and she only has one at a time to look after, perhaps it's me and I'm just good at everything!!! I promise, once I'm looking more like my old self, I'll post some photos...of the pups as well of course!


No. 2

Well I can't stop eating at the moment and my figure, well it has just gone, I hope these puppies are worth it!


Went off in the van again this week, they didn't fool me this time into thinking I was going to a Show. It was to visit that lovely lady with the cold gel, I couldn't wait to get in and see the pups. Sure enough she found the first ones on each side and said they were 'presented just right' and were a good size not too small and thank goodness, not too big!!!


At home now I have a nice king-size bed (they call it a whelping box) and it has a good view of the garden and the television...best of both worlds, I'm really enjoying all this luxury (not to keen on all this fuss with my temperature though... not very ladylike!)


I expect next time I write it will be to introduce my puppies...not long now!!!


No. 1

So,that is what it is all about...I'm going to be a Mum!


It all started with that 'season' thing and I couldn't go with Carrie and George to the SE Pyrenean Club Championship Show. I was so disappointed, it is always a fun day back out on the grass rings again! At least they left George home with me for company, shame they forgot to open our doors so we could play together. I was so pleased when Carrie came home having done so well.


Later that week I was put in the van and we set off, on what turned out to be a long journey, we even had to stop and exercise at those service station things. I thought this must be an important Show as the others had been left behind, this seemed definite when we stayed overnight at a lovely B&B, they had provided a soft bed and a basket of goodies, you should really take your owners there! (www.bedandbreakfastlakedistrict.com) They even had some lovely rescue Greyhounds, but sadly I could not meet them.


After a restful night, save for my human mums snoring, we set off for another much shorter journey, although with the conversations in front, especially from that woman in the box who keeps giving the wrong directions, it could have been much quicker! We eventually parked to the accompaniment of the most blissful sound a pack of Pyrenean Mountain Dogs barking, this sounded like heaven to me.


I was taken out of the van and suddenly this handsome young man was introduced to me, we played for a while and liked each other so much we stood for a cuddle! Sadly then it was back to the van.


The following day was fun exploring new areas, this was becoming a real holiday.


Even better the next day, I was taken to see Sachi again, it was good to see him, he is becoming a real friend.


Sadly, all too soon, we were home again, I had lots to tell Carrie but was kept away from George for a while, he seemed quite depressed by it all. I must admit I started to feel a little different, first I wanted to eat and eat and eat, then I thought of my figure and went off my food, but then I started to feel contented and started to eat sensibly.


Last week we went for another short trip to see a nice lady who moved a thing across the side of my belly covered in cold gel, I thought she was concerned about my fat (I'm sure my shape is changing) but then straight away she said "There you are, you have pups". Well I didn't know what to do, so that was what it had all been about, I was so excited I had to jump up, yes, in my condition, to give my human dad a cuddle. I couldn't wait to get home I had so much to think and talk about.


Another week has gone by and George and Carrie are getting fed up with me. I know Carrie is going to a Show tomorrow, lucky girl, but I think George is going to stay with me, he's being a real friend, though dead jealous of Sachi.


I'll write some more when I get my head round this whole puppy thing, it still hasn't sunk in, puppies in just over three weeks!





Trinny Goes To Nursery!

Well, I know I'm expecting and all that, but it was a bit much making me go to sort out a Nursery place already, I thought I was bringing up my pups the true Pyrenean way!


How relieved was I when we arrived to see that it was a children's nursery, and I was to be the 'star of the show'. Oh, how I love all the fuss and attention and although I say it myself I think I do wonders for showing what a wonderful breed of dogs we are! I thought it was going a little far by putting a pink bow in my hair but the children love it...I know Sachi wouldn't approve.


I was a little sad when I got home and they told me that was my last public engagement for a while, but I was tired and I know that I am going to need all the rest I can get, ready for the patter of all those tiny feet.


We arrived at the NEC early Friday morning ready for Crufts, having spent the previous day getting, George, Trinny and Carrie ready.


We also had Chloe with us, just five days old, to experience her first Show, with Mum, Hannah.


George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) was first in the ring, but was unplaced in Limit Dog.


Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara JW) was in Limit Bitch, in her first Show out of Junior, we were very pleased with her taking 1st from a large class of 12.


Trinny (Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) finished 3rd in Open Bitch, her sister Gina winning the class.


In the Challenge, Carrie pushed hard for the win, but Judge Colin Bowker gave the CC to Gina and, after a long deliberation, Carrie just failed to take the Res CC.



Sunday saw us back at Crufts with George and Trinny to represent the breed on the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of GB stand at Discover Dogs. From the moment they stepped into the halls of the NEC George and Trinny were the centre of attraction...continuous fuss and cuddles, numerous photographs and much talking from Jen and myself; and that was before we took our turn on the stand at 1.00pm. It was so good to share our dogs and our passion for Pyreneans with so many people.

Crufts 2011

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