Tragically Maddie died very peacefully in our arms on Sunday 12th December. She never recovered from the operation for Pyometria.


Every Pyrenean leaves a special place in your heart but Maddie was that extra special one, She was blessed with the sweetest of natures and melted the hearts of all that met her, especially the very young.


She was my shadow, where ever I went she would be there, if she could have held a nail for me to hammer she would have. She was at her happiest on our frequent walks on Dartmoor, standing on top of a Tor, 'sampling the air' and next Spring we'll go back there to set her ashes free in the wind.


Good bye my baby, Rest in Peace till we meet again. XXX


Hip Scores

We have had the Hip Scores back from BVA. George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) is 5:3 = 8, Trinny (CH Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) is 6:4 = 10 and Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara JW) is 3:3 = 6.


The Pyrenean Mountain Dog Mean Score at 01/11/2009 was 12.


The dogs are still enjoying the cold spell...certainly helped their appetites! Although we are still lacking any real snow covering.

Making a Splash!!!

For George's (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) birthday we all took a little trip out. He new it was a special day and insisted on playing "I'm the King of the Castle"! The two youngsters Trinny (CH Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) and Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara JW) quickly found the water, finding the deepest that they could get their paws in.


So pleased they were with this fun, that they insisted on taking Esther in with them, head first!!! What a soggy mess!!!


A good job Maddie (Kalkasi Magical Beauty at Desalazara JW) kept some Pyrenean decorum...she never did like getting her feet dirty!





 November Shows


Writing this with freezing temperatures outside, it does not seem many weeks ago that we were in the midst of rain and winds! Still the dogs much prefer the cold!


We travelled up to Scotland for the Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Championship Show, which despite bad traffic both ways, was very rewarding with Trinny (CH Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) winning the Bitch CC and then taking the Pyrenean Best of Breed and Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara JW) taking the Reserve CC.


Carrie, Trinny and George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) were all hip scored in the week following the Show.


We missed the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of GB Open Show, as the winds had done their worst and running repairs were required.


The big event for us was the Welsh Kennel Club Top Dog and Puppy Competition a chance for the dogs to show their class and for us to enjoy a good meal and company. The girls did not let us down Carrie got to the semi-final of her match group losing to a Whippet who then went on to win the title of Top Puppy, whilst Trinny (the Top Puppy from last year) lost in her 2nd round match, again to the BSD Tervueren that went on to become Top Dog.

Last Show as a Puppy for Carrie


The Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show, should have been Carrie's (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara JW) last show as a puppy but sadly her first season had not quite finished, so we all stayed at home in the warm and dry!


Her Puppy record reads a Puppy Group 1 and Group 3, a Best Puppy in Show, a Reserve Best Puppy in show. A total of 7 Best Puppy awards and 11 firsts in Puppy Bitch. She also had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and VHC in the Puppy Stakes.


She gained her Junior Warrant at 9 months.


To top it all she became the youngest Pyrenean ever to win a Challenge Certificate aged a few days under 9 months, adding a second at 10 months.


We look forward to her second year and the challenges that lie ahead.




The Wales & The Borders Fun Day at Weobley, gave Henry and Maddie a chance to enjoy themselves.


They came home exhausted but clutching a handful of trophies and medals, after competing for 'the best six legs, 'the best eyes', not to mention Junior Handling!


The highlight though was the dog most like it's owner, which they won to a big cheer... a hall full of Chelsea fans!!!


A really enjoyable day and thanks to everyone for all their hard work!

Another Fun Day!

Carrie Wins 7th Best Puppy Title


 Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara JW) enjoyed another good day out, this time winning Puppy Bitch, Junior Bitch and then Best Puppy under Judge Jean Hammond. This was the 7th time that she has been the top Pyrenean Puppy in a Show.


It was good for us to have Trinny (Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) back in the ring. She is now full recovered in herself, and her coat is slowly coming back.


Hannah and Trinny found it all a little bit too much, so after lunch, a quick nap!


George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) missed the Show, he hurt his leg the evening before, and being the big baby that he is, was hoping around on three legs carrying his paw. By the time we got home from the Show he was back on four legs chasing the girls around to see where they had been! No real damage there then!

Carrie First in Bitch Puppy Stakes


What a long day Friday was, Leeds Championship Show is certainly not the most convenient for us! We set off just after midnight with Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara JW) and George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara)... it is certainly more relaxing with less traffic on the road, but, before setting off, a few hours sleep in the late afternoon is a must! By 4.00 am, feeling tired it was time for a Service stop, stretch the dogs legs then a two hour kip! We finally parked-up at 7.30ish. This gave plenty of time to give both dogs a final groom out before going into the showground.


George spent the day, including his time in the ring, with his nose to the ground sniffing! There were certainly some scents he was finding attractive! Carrie, being the true professional, got on with her job and once again won Puppy Bitch and Junior Bitch. Once again she was up against her brother for Best Puppy, which Zak took...well done Gill and Tony!


Finally it was off to the Bitch Puppy Stakes ring, where Carrie produced her best result yet, taking first place under judge Mrs J Ward.


Setting off for home at 4.30pm, we finally arrived home at 11.00, nearly 24 hours for the round trip, but well worth the effort!

Pyrenean Fun Days

The weekend started with the serious matter of the National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show. George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) started the day well for us with a 2nd place in Limit. Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara) continued her winning ways, taking both Puppy and Junior bitch, but sadly was beaten by her litter brother to Best Puppy; still,all in all, a good day!


Sunday took us to the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of GB Fun Day. Maddie (Kalkasi Magical Beauty at Desalazara JW) and Trinny (Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) joined Carrie and George for the fun and games. All took part in various novelty classes with Maddie being handled by young Henry excelling.


The Agility/Obstacle course proved a compelling challenge for many, with Hannah and Trinny tying each other up in Knots...or is it a new dance!


Esther with Maddie and Hannah with Carrie both made the semi-finals. Carrie won hers and then over three legs plus a re-run was declared the joint winner!


It was a fantastic day, enjoyed by all...well done to everyone who organised and supported the event!

Carrie Gains Her Junior Warrant


After technical problems with the van (the wrong part!) we were unable to get to Border Union, so our next show was Blackpool. We only took Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara) as Trinny is without coat. By winning both Puppy Bitch and Junior Bitch she gained 6 more Junior Warrant Points taking her past the 25 needed to gain the award. We are so proud that she has completed this award aged only 9 months.



Three Counties


A cold and depressing day we had at Three Counties. It was good to see Trinny (Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) back in the ring, but such a shame that she has dropped all her coat (after what she went through it is not surprising). She did take 2nd in Open behind her litter sister.


Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara) was 'blown away' by the wind and found her Puppy class too exciting, taking a 2nd place. It did not help that on the way to the ring a GSD took a 'liking' to her nose! Luckily no damage done! She did settle later and took 1st in Junior and 2nd in Post Graduate.

Pyrenean Highs and Lows

At SKC, we had another good show with our two bitches. Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara)had another Best Puppy win and then took 3rd place in the Puppy Stakes class.


Trinny (Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) took 2nd in Open Bitch and then also took a 3rd place in the Champion Stakes. With the drive there and back it was an exhausting but satisfying 24hrs.


Thinking Saturday would be a quite day recovering, our peace was shattered when Trinny was taken seriously ill. Thankfully after two long days in the emergency vets she was returned to us, certainly not the bright, bouncy Pyrenean we have come to love. She had ingested some toxic substance which had a severe reaction with her. What, how, where, when, we do not know; possible an insect...we will never know! Thankfully, we were on hand and got her the treatment she needed immediately, which saved her life. Now a week later she is certainly back on her feet, bouncing and barking, despite her mouth and throat being very sore. Her medication is coming to an end and it would seem she has made a full recovery. Not fit to be back in the Show Ring this weekend, but it won't be long!

2nd CC at 10 Months


Only Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara) came with us to the East of England Championship Show, but what a day we had. Carrie took 1st in Puppy Bitch and 1st in Junior Bitch, and then went on to take her second CC at just 10 months 7 days!


It was also so good to see her brother Zak (Gillandant Rockafella) take the Dog Res CC... a brilliant day for the pups!



Windsor...Best Puppy in Breed


We had another good day in the sun at Windsor Championship Show 2010. Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara) won Puppy Bitch, Junior Bitch and then beat her brother to take Best Puppy in Breed.


After a long wait in the hot weather she then competed in a large Puppy Bitch Stakes class and took 2nd place, her best result yet in these classes.


George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) was Reserve in Limit.


People continue to ask after Trinny (Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara). She has now fully recovered from the mystery toxic substance and made her feelings clear yesterday when she was left at home! She is though so out of coat, that it would be unfair to her to put her in the show ring yet to challenge the other Pyreneans, hopefully though it will not be too long.


Southern Counties

Southern Counties saw Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara) at her first show without any of our other Pyreneans. She entered the Bitch Puppy Stakes and in a large class did well to be short-listed, but sadly was not placed.


In the breed classes she won Puppy Bitch, Junior Bitch and was 2nd in Postgraduate Bitch; losing out to Zak her litter brother for Best Puppy. This gave her another 2 Junior Warrant points, taking her to 21.


Trinny (Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) is continuing her recovery and should join Carrie in the ring at Three Counties on Thursday.

CC and Puppy Group 1 at Bath


What a day we had at Bath! After the trauma of the previous weekend, Carrie and George managed to lift our spirits; sadly Trinny was not fully recovered and stayed resting at home.


George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) was on his best form won Limit and then went on to win his first Reserve Dog CC.


Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara) won Minor Puppy, Puppy and Junior Bitch and then went on to win the Bitch CC, and Best Puppy.


To complete the day she went over to the 'big ring' and won the Pastoral Puppy Group.


Adding up her Junior Warrant points, she now has 19, so two more wins to complete the award.


Sadly, on returning on the Monday for the Best Puppy in Show, she could not quite match her performance of the previous day and missed the title...just hope we all get another chance at another show soon.



Pyrenean Junior Handling

Hi, I am Henry, Graham and Jennifer’s grandson.

I sometimes go to outside dog shows with my mum because they are more fun. Especially when there are Junior Handling Classes that I like to enter.

I went to the PMDC GB Show in May, it was a lovely day to be there and I had a lot of fun- except for when I had to go home!


There was a fabulous shop it was cool and pretty. There were lots of Pyrenean Mountain Dogs things, like PMD bookmarks, books, cup holders, plates, flower baskets and lots more. I bought a bookmark and a book to keep all my show results in.

Next I entered my class against another seven year old. My dog is called Trinny and she is one of the best dogs that I have ever shown. I was brave and a little bit nervous. I had to run around the ring three times and I had to run up and down twice, it was fun. Trinny was good; she was one of the best standers of all the Pyreneans. The judge was happy and fun. He chose me and Trinny to come first place. I felt happy and pleased that I won.


I won a tankard, a medal, a PMD badge and of course a rosette.


After dinner mum and I took Trinny for a walk along the canal and two nice people invited us onto their barge-it was a cool place to be in.

The show finished and I helped clear up. Trinny won Best in Show- I think because I practised with her first!!

If you are young like me, why don’t you join me?

Junior handling is cool.





Trinny is Best of Show at PMDC of GB

Open Show


After leaving a wet South Wales, we arrived at The Jack Mytton Inn, Oswestry to find a dry relatively sunny day and again we were blessed by some success! Carrie (Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) won Best Bitch and then beat her father (Ch Am Ch Rivergroves Murphy-Goode ShCM Am Imp)to take the title Best in Show.


Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara) had another good day winning Minor Puppy and then taking three other first places, two seconds and a third! Giving her four more Junior Warrant Points, she also took the Reserve Best Puppy in Show title.


George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) was less busy, taking 2nd in Limit dog, his only class.


The day was completed by grandson Henry winning the Junior Handling Class, showing Trinny.


The previous week at the Birmingham National Show, Trinny took 2nd in Open Bitch and Carrie took fifth place in the Puppy stakes class from some 30 entries from the Groups!


Maddie (Kalkasi Magical Beauty at Desalazara JW) has been spending her time Baby Sitting, which she does really well, with great care and attention...she far prefers this to the Show Ring!!!


Carrie Best Puppy in Breed


Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara)continued her winning start by taking Puppy Bitch, Junior Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed at WELKS.


Trinny (CH Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) joined in the fun by taking Reserve Best Bitch.


Maddie (Kalkasi Magical Beauty at Desalazara JW) has enjoyed three days of walking on Dartmoor...she does enjoy taking in the views!


Attention now turns to the Birmingham National Show on Sunday...baths are due for George, Trinny and Carrie!

Carrie...A winning Start!



Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara)started her Show career on Sunday at the South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Championship Show...and what a start it was. Her first time in the ring and she won Minor Puppy Bitch from a class of four and then promptly followed that by winning Puppy Bitch in another class of four (gaining her first six Junior Warrant points in the process!) Finally, up against her brother (Zak, Gillandant Rockafella) Judge Frank Kane awarded her Best Puppy in Show. We couldn't be more pleased with her start.


Trinny (Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara)and George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara)both took 2nd places in the Limit Class. Maddie (Kalkasi Magical Beauty at Desalazara JW) drew the short straw and stayed at home, having dropped coat after her season, She was pleased to see us all home, especially with the cups (one of which she had won as a Minor Puppy!) Although very tired Carrie still managed to have one more photo taken of her with her first cups!

Carrie Wins Again


This weekend we took Trinny (Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) and Carrie (Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara)to the Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales Show at Builth Wells. There were no Challenge Certificates available for our breed, but plenty of pride was at stake!


Carrie took 1st in Junior Dog/Bitch and then Trinny was 2nd in Open Dog/Bitch. It was then down to a straight fight between Trinny and Carrie for Best Bitch. Carrie took the honours with Best Puppy to add to Best Bitch; Trinny had to be content with Reserve Best Bitch.


After a few hours enjoying some early season sun, Carrie entered the big ring for the first time to compete for the Pastoral Puppy Group. The Judge, Sue Hewart-Chambers, short listed her to the final six, and then we were very pleased, in only her 2nd show, for Carrie to be placed Group 3.


A very pleasing day, and Trinny is still 'talking' to Carrie!



Crufts 2010...A Winning Start To The Year


Our Show Year began with the South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club 'Dog of the Year' competition. We only took Trinny (Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara)and were very pleased with her making it through to the final three. She was in season for the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of GB Championship Show and I had hurt my back so was unable to prepare the others for the show...so, our first Championship Show of 2010 was Crufts. Maddie (Kalkasi Magical Beauty at Desalazara JW) was not entered as she was due in season so only Trinny and George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara)set off early on the first day of Crufts.


George was first in the ring in Limit dog and judge Christine Edwards gave him a very pleasing second. Trinny again in Limit took the first place and in the Challenge was given the bitch CC, her third, making her up to a Champion.


We were all so very pleased. Our thanks must go to breeder Gill Pollard (Gillandant) and all the judges who have thought so highly of our girl: Kevin Young at Richmond 2009, Howard Tonks at W&P Breeds of Scotland 2009 and Christine Edwards at Crufts 2010 and also to Pat Bayliss RCC at LKA 2008 and Ellis Hulme RCC Midland Counties 2009.



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