Flying The Flag For All Pyries!!!


By Trinny Ford (aka Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara)


I knew a show was imminent on the Friday as we turned left instead of right at the bottom of the road on my morning walk. Yep, we were heading towards Hannah’s work place- where I usually get the full beauty treatment- along with the odd venison ear and bics to nibble on during the pampering morning. Whilst lounging on the table, I overheard Hannah chatting about the show we were going to in the morning- Welsh Pup and Dog of the Year 2009. Well, that sounded impressive, but then I panicked- I’m not Welsh!!! My dad is American and my mum is English! How could I tell her? I needn’t have worried however, as when we arrived at the hotel in a place called Llandrindod Wells, I noticed that I had the same accent as all the other dogs- apparently as I now live in Wales, I was not considered an imposter.


It must have been quite a big deal because I usually have a nap in the van while the folks get themselves sorted, but no, this time I was accompanied to a proper human bedroom, with two beds to choose from (as it happens, I couldn’t decide so I intermittently relaxed on both during the course of my stay). The fuss and attention was great!

Then, I was taken to meet all my fellow competitors- WOW what a good looking bunch! I took the opportunity of introducing myself to as many of these guys as I could while a man kept calling out number after number after number- apparently this was called ‘the draw’. Anyway, Hannah decided (which I have to say I thought to be a little unfair as I was having such fun jumping and encouraging the others to play), to take me out of the main room until, as she put it ‘we both calmed down’. To be honest, I did sense her tension up the lead, but I was feeling great- never better- very excited in fact- ‘bouncing’ as one lady commented.


We went back to our room for a while before returning to see the final of the first group of rounds (18 dogs). We saw the judge Mr. Tom Johnston choose a little Kerry Blue over a tiny little Pug (I’ve a squeaky toy that looks like him). I could tell by the stress levels that we’d be parading soon- yeah!


A different man stood waiting to see our group (19 dogs) - he was called Mr. Frank Whyte. Several of my chums went before me, and then it was the turn of Fable (a Whippet whom I met earlier) and me! It was the first time I’d run on red carpet- I felt like a princess and everyone was clapping- I only hoped that Hannah would move well for me and not let her nerves show. I felt sorry for Fable actually, he seemed petrified. Anyway, the judge got us to run loads- and eventually shook Hannah’s hand and off we went. ‘Oh’, I thought, ‘that’s that then. Let’s mingle!’ But no, we had to do this another four times. Next I had a little meeting with a very shiny, short and very long fellow, next a girl even taller than me (I heard Hannah saying later that she really liked her), a little Spaniel, another one of those very long but short dogs- this time a girl and then finally I met that Kerry Blue that won the first group.This time we had both judges in the ring. We were checked over by both and had to jog around several times.


I can admit to you now, I sensed something was up as the atmosphere was very intense- my heart was pounding and I knew I had to behave perfectly and look my best. I did find it a bit uncomfortable though when the Kerry was turned to face me and was starring right into my eyes- a little too close for my liking, but I trusted Hannah wouldn’t let anything happen.

The judges turned around, whispered something to the chap with the loud stick that he spoke into who then in turn announced ‘The Winner of the Welsh Kennel Club Top Puppy Competition 2009 is ..................’.(deathly silence)........ ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could hear lots of cheering from the people around the ring- I think they must have agreed with the judges (I ‘ve noticed that this isn’t always the case at shows), Hannah stood up and gave me a hug, which was fab, I’m so happy when I do things right!

We had lots of photos with lots of nice people who were saying such pleasant things. I adorned a satin sash and Hannah wore a gorgeous rosette- it was massive and so pretty- apparently it’s made by one of my Pyrie friend’s mum! They also gave us a lovely crystal bowl from which I’m still waiting to eat my food- maybe they’ve forgotten. After meeting loads more people who were so kind about me, I went to the bedroom to freshen up and to have forty (thousand) winks!


When I awoke, Esther, Hannah and I went back downstairs to support Teddy and Polar who were competing in the big boys and girls’ competition. They both did well, but finally a Bouvier des Flandres (I learnt this name later!) won the Top Dog title.


By this time I was exhausted, thankfully we retired to the bedroom, thinking that was the end of a wonderful day- but NO! Hannah and Esther put on their glad rags ready to party! No way! I stood my ground, I was going nowhere. Leave the beds? No way! I had my supper and passed out on bed They kept disturbing me during the evening- which I didn’t really mind I suppose- it gave me chance to alternate beds and finally at two am, yes in the morning, we went for a stroll around the town of Llandrindod Wells! Good job actually, but we won’t go into that. (There were no cars coming anyway).


I eventually let them sleep and share my beds but I was ready for my walk at seven, so Hannah and I retraced our steps from earlier that morning around the town.



George Wins Best of Breed


At the Poole Canine Society Open Show on 28th June 2009, George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) was 1st in Post Graduate, 1st in Open, and Best of Breed. He then went on to take Pastoral Group 2.

This made up for the disappointment of Trinny (Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) failing to get the final Open Show point she needed to complete her Junior Warrant.


Maddie was placed third in both classes, but is now starting to lose her coat, just as Trinny is starting to get her's back!


Saturday we'll all be busy getting the three dogs ready for the Windsor Champ Show on Sunday.


Trinny Wins WKC Top Puppy


Having qualified for the Welsh Kennel Club Top Puppy Competition 2009 at Llandrindod Wells; Trinny (Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara)and Hannah arrived at the Commodore Hotel on Saturday ready to do battle in the knock out competition.


Trinny was the only Pyrenean Mountain Dog to attend among the 40 qualifiers, but she faced stiff competition from dogs from all the Kennel Club Groups ranging from Miniature Dachshunds to Great Danes.


Judges Tom H Johnston (Feldkirk) and Frank H Whyte (Kazval) narrowed it down to the Kerry Blue Terrier and the Pyrenean and Hannah and Trinny were delighted when they gave them the decision, giving Trinny the prestigious title Welsh Kennel Club Top Puppy 2009.


This added to the 'Our Dog' Top Puppy 2008 title, Best Pyrenean Puppy at Crufts 2009 and her 2 CC's and 2 Reserve CC's, have made it a very special 12 months for our baby....not that she is now as Carrie has just joined us...more of her later!


Trinny Wins Her 2nd CC


Following on from winning her first CC at Richmond under Judge Kevin Young, Trinny (Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) won the Reserve CC at Midland Counties under Ellis Hulme and then at Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland won her 2nd CC under breed specialist, Howard Tonks.


Our thanks once again to breeder Gill Pollard for producing such a beautiful Pyrenean and we hope that we can soon reward her by making Trinny up to a Champion. Our thanks also go to the many friends around the ring side for all their help and encouragemet!


This weekend sees a break from Championship Shows, as Hannah and Trinny head to The Welsh Puppy of the Year Competition. It would be a great end to the year if Trinny could add that title to the 'Our Dog' Pup of the Year 2008 win.

September Wins Including a CC!


After a long summer break...plenty of hill walking, river and sea paddling (as well as rain!) the Pyreneans, after a good bath, were ready for the Show Ring again.


George and Trinny made it to The City of Birmingham Championship Show, George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) did well to win Post Graduate with Trinny VHC. At Richmond Championship Show last weekend, George stayed at home, as I was laid up with a bad back, but Hannah with Trinny really did us proud.


Trinny (Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara), under judge Kevin Young, won her first Kennel Club Challenge Certificate and Best Opposite Sex.


Today is Maddies 3rd birthday, our baby has grown up... time to think of her having her own litter

Show and Award Updates


At the Leominster Open Show, Trinny took 1st place in Junior, but only two dogs were present and then 1st place in Post Graduate to gain another Junior Warrant point, only one more required now. On the same day I collected three trophies from the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain Annual Awards: The Carabrae Puppy Trophy for Best Puppy of the Year, won by George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara); the Dordavian Trophy again won by George and the Mrs Leonard USA Cup for the member winning most 1st places in Championship Shows. We were especially honoured to receive this, for when you look at the names of former winners, they are all highly significant in the Pyrenean World, including Mme J Harper Trois Fontaines winner in 1955,1956,1957 and 1958.


It was then on to WELKS the first outside Group Championship Show of the Year at Malvern. It was a day of 2nds for us, George in Post Graduate Dog, Trinny in Junior Dog  and Maddie in Post Graduate Bitch.


Sunday saw us at the PMDC of GB Open Show. George was 2nd in Special Yearling, Graduate and Post Graduate Dog behind Trinny's brother Brad who went on to win Best in Show...Well done Kathy! Trinny won Junior bitch, but there were two absent so missed out on her JW point. She was then 2nd to George's sister in Special Yearling, Graduate and Post Graduate Bitch. Maddie was 3rd in Graduate and 4th in Post Graduate Bitch.


Next stop is the SEPMDC Open Show.

Show Update


The SEPMDC Open Show, saw Trinny finishing second to her litter sister Gina in Junior, Yearling and Under Graduate and third in Post Graduate. Maddie finished one place behind Trinny in Post Graduate. George was second in Yearling and under Graduate, behind Trinny's brother Brad and third in Post Graduate. Gina went on to win Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.


At the National Dog Show, Birmingham, Trinny once again came second to her sister Gina who then went on to win the Bith CC and George was again second to their brother Brad. Well done Gill and Gina, hopefully it will not be long before Trinny turns the tables again!!!


Last weekend saw us all doing a little Moor walking among the Tors of Dartmoor the Pyreneans really look at home standing on the large rocks. Back home we will be getting ready for the Bath Show, before taking the dogs for some more Tor activity.

Show Report


On Sunday we had a good day in the sun at Bisley, for the South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Championship Show. George (Kalkasi Care Free at Desalazara) won two 2nds and a 3rd and Trinny (Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara) had three 2nd places.


We are now all resting up before a busy Easter weekend, three shows over four days!



Easter Review


Well, recovered from the busy showing period over Easter...three Open Shows in four days! A mixed set of results, but mainly placed in the first three, alongside many other good Pyreneans, including Trinny's brother Brad. Congratulations to Kathy and Brad on gaining their Junior Warrant, hopefully Trinny will gain it soon. She won one more point on the weekend and now needs two more Open Show points to reach the JW award. Her sister Gina also had a good weekend winning Best Bitch at the North Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club, Open Show.


The highlight for us on the weekend was Grandson Henry winning the North Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Junior Handling Competition, aged only six, it is no mean feat to handle a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, but Maddie was very good for him!


Only one show this weekend, Leominster Open Show, fingers crossed that Trinny might get her Junior Warrant points there.


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