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Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are a giant breed, the dogs weighing over 50 kg and standing over 70 cm at shoulder height. They are immensely strong and powerful and although of a gentle disposition, they do not always realise their own strength, so avoid encouraging any jumping behaviour, from an early age.


Puppies grow at a rapid rate and to protect their developing joints, Pyrenean puppies should not be allowed to climb or jump on or off items, nor to go up or down stairs.


Originally a guarding breed for sheep, the Pyrenean is a natural guard dog, they are loyal and protective of their family (herd) so avoid any training that might encourage this guarding trait.


They are naturally lazy, and enjoy nothing better than laying down to watch the ‘World go by’ but, when they have to, can move at great pace. They will take as much or as little exercise as given and eat less than you would think when considering their great size.


It is our experience that, despite how well trained in a confined secure space, when allowed to run free outside their independent nature will come to the fore and they will set off to explore. It seems this urge sets in at around 8 months and never leaves them. Once we see this trait develop they are never left off lead outside of a secure environment.


When walking a Pyrenean, be prepared for plenty of interruptions as passing people have to stop to make a fuss of them... especially children. If it is a warm day and you have been walking briskly, warn them to watch out for the slobber!


They can be very vocal, so understanding neighbours are a must.


They are often keen to dig and help rearrange your garden and some like to climb so a minimum 6’ fence is required to keep them enclosed and safe.


Their coat is dense, especially on males, so when they shed their coat expect housefuls of hair. Be prepared for plenty of grooming to keep them clean and knot free.


Most of all Pyreneans are their own larger than life characters, that will consume your life, offering loyalty and devotion in return for the love you give them.

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